Boutique Ayako

The Japanese lady ‘Ayako’ welcomes each and one of you in the boutique. led by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, focussing on the present and embracing the idea of transience. A tree does not think about getting older, he is growing and just like this, our products are growing day by day embracing the simple beauty. We strive for quality, sustainable and handmade items.

Kunst op Zolder

The art gallery is transformed out of a restored attic in the farmhouse of ‘Hof ter Groene Walle’. In the gallery, artists of all kinds have the opportunity to present their work in a unique location.

Café Cnudde

Café Cnudde is De Pinte’s smallest pub. Its name is an ode to its previous residents, who have been eternalised in De Pinte’s history books. The Cnuddekes were known to everyone in the neighbourhood and symbolise the local population, which the pub also targets. The small, picturesque pop-up pub aims to be a sweet living room where local walkers and cyclists can come and warm up to culture and heritage.

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Hof ter Groene Walle

Kunstschildersweg 5, 9840 De Pinte